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Adhesive tape manufactory

Yiwu Topban AdhesIive Tape CO.,LTD is a Adhesive tape manufactory,company will offer you high quality products and perfect after service just as in the past.
Tape production and market prospects: With the rapid improvement of the socio-economic and people's living standard, the tape has been completely Yung into the use of all walks of life and people's daily lives. Provinces and cities nationwide counties have a size ranging from wholesale sales of tape products, sale of building materials stores, hardware stores, shops, stationery stores, supermarkets have a tape (marking tape, transparent tape, color tape) abound. Widely used in food, medicine, cigarettes, household appliances, daily chemical industry packing seal. A prefecture-level cities in medium-sized food production enterprises use to calculate the cost of the annual use of sealing tape at least in more than ten million. A small and medium-sized cities in the tape market consumption more than $ 10 million. The tape is widely used, high volume market with unlimited potential, is really laid-off unemployed, a second career, and the tertiary industry an ideal choice for investment in enterprises.
Run the tape manufacturing plant, according to the size of the geographical location, the ability to invest, the funds invested can be more or less, generally around $ 30,000 to the plant opened. With the rapid growth of the market economy, the tape market demand is also growing, according to the "Packaging Magazine" and "Industry News" reported that the 2005 tape and sales of about 3 billion, the market prospect is very broad, can be described as business opportunities . The tape is a traditional industry, every household will need to use tape, merchant manufacturer is inseparable from the tape.
Tape storage and use of maintenance
1, the tape should be deposited in the Treasury, to avoid the sun, and rain; prohibit contact with the organic solvent of the acid-base oil, kept clean and dry from the outside device 1m, at room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, the tape rolls, place, not folded, stored too long should be turned over once quarterly.
3, the loading and unloading conveyor is best to use cranes, rigging and beam smooth lift to avoid damage to the band edge, do not outrageous handling, caused by loose volume rejection sets.
The type of tape specifications according to the needs and specific conditions, appropriate selection.
5 different varieties, different specifications, strength, cloth layers of tape connection (with groups) shall not be used together.

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