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Bopp jumbo rolls

Bopp jumbo rolls as the substrate, the original BOPP film after corona treatment, side surface of the formation of coarse, then cover with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive to form a tape semi-finished Mother volume can be customized according to customer demandcolors, printed patterns.
Thickness :0.04-0 .05 mm7: Blue fame goods into B 2 with cut
Viscous :650-700g / in carriers of the virus including l 0 through built form five open
Width: 1280mm7 with passers-halo O school semi-sensitive) 1: Green
Effective width: 1260mm limited material B002 equipped with an energy loaded busy school
Length: 4000M Stamper installed plastic side limit hand backgauge
Weight :230-250kg / volume (depending on the thickness of the product, the weight will change with) according to the surface given the public Di, 2 Jiang panchromatic and multi-
By color: transparent, brown, blue, red, beige, transparent yellow, green, black, white and other yellow 2 Su plastic Sri Lanka effective pan-shaped 74: P
According to the viscosity: low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity
Widely used in the packaging of carton sealing, sealed cargo warehouse, product seal stick with fixed sealing transparent packaging, carton dressing and transparent packing tape finished cutting. Xing Heming:. Of m-measure word for textile or picture inferior
High quality and high-performance tape semi-finished products, even in extreme climates, its performance is good, apply to container shipment and to prevent cargo theft, and illegal open. Supply of up to six kinds of colors and different sizes in the form of neutral and personalized tape semi-finished products.

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