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Bopp paking tape

Bopp paking tape specifications with width × length × thickness "means, where" W "is the width of the tape for general use mm or cm, and ≥ 10mm, as early as 80 years ago, the common specifications are: 72mm, 60mm,50mm, 30mm, etc.; now, has gradually changed: 60mm, 48mm, 45mm, 40mm, 30mm, etc.; "long" for the total length of the tape opened, usually with the "m" or "code" that (1 yard =0.9144m), the common length of 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 500m, etc.; thickness refers to the original BOPP film + adhesive layer thickness (unit: microns, μm), of 45 ~ 55μm. Such as "50mm × 100m × 50μm
Each roll of tape unit price calculation methods: tape industry usually yuan / square meter "to account for the tape price, then each roll of tape Price = width (m) * length (m) squared price
Sealing tape features:
Thin - sealing tape with will not leave a thick edge deposits.
Smoothness - Sealing tape feels very smooth, will not stimulate the hand pressing hand.
For antimetastatic - sealing tape exposing addition will not leave adhesive.
Anti-solvent - sealing tape on the back material to prevent solvent penetration.
Anti-fragmentation - sealing tape does not appear lobes.
Anti-retraction - sealing tape can stretch along the curved surfaces without retraction of torn off phenomenon.
Anti-stripping - the paint will firmly fixed on the back material of the sealing tape

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