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China adhesive tape

China adhesive tape classification:
: BOPP tape, cloth tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape can be divided into the substrate divided.
According to the division of the range of applications: can be divided into warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film paper, plastic stretch film tape, sealing tape, module tape.
Can be divided according to the division of market penetration: the ordinary tape, special tape.
Temperature divided depending on the application environment can be divided into low-temperature tape, at room temperature tape, heat tape.
How do I clear tape residue:
Water on the first again, then a small blade to scrape.
Self-adhesive clear magic bullet!
Driving friends have come into contact with self-adhesive, and many small accessories such as car, the marriage tie floats with scotch tape, and some accessories for qualified certificates, etc., after the removal of these things, often in the car or body left on the surface is difficult to remove traces of self-adhesive, exposing not afford and do not use a hard object to scratch. How should we do?
Practice, the following two methods: alcohol removal method. Sufficient quantities of like using a soft cloth dipped in 95% alcohol, and then gently wipe the sticker at the stickers will easily become soft from the alcohol in general will not have plastic parts or paint surface damage. But sometimes of alcohol on some of the stickers is not very effective, and available at this time with a soft cloth dipped in a little gasoline the graze stickers at, and you should pay attention to the "dissolution" of the role of gasoline on some kind of plastic or paint, so be careful: or unimportant place to graze and look, if not the problem; but we must be careful not to use too much gas, as long as possible to short! I tried to wipe gasoline a short period of time in the body surface, the film no significant impact on the body surface. As a result, self-adhesive it is easy to give rid of ...

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