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Electrical insulating tape

Electrical insulating tape, electrical insulation adhesive tape is a soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film substrate coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive made of, has good insulation, fire resistance, resistance, voltage, cold and other features, forautomotive wiring, electrical wires, insulation protection.
Electrical insulating tape designed for electrical use to prevent leakage, since the insulation tape. With good insulation, fire retardant, weather and other features, wiring, electrical insulation and protection.
Production process: PVC film to the substrate, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing.
Electrical insulating tape main purposes: applies to all kinds of insulation resistance parts. Such as electrical wires, transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators, and other types of motors, electronic components, insulation protection.
Technical indicators:
Product Name: Electrical insulating tape
Elongation: 80%
Tensile force: 38.024N/10MM
Peel away from the force: 3.136N/10MM
Holding power: 240HRS
Resistance to voltage: 4.2KV
Temperature resistance: 180 ℃
Flame retardancy: Flame retardant

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