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Special adhesive tape

Special adhesive tape include: special heat-resistant tape, special tape cold type, acid type of special tape, conductive, high temperature and Health special tape and so on.
① heat-resistant special tape is a multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (cotton cloth) from top to bottom covered with high temperature or heat-resistant rubber, high temperature curing adhesive suitable for transmission below 175 ° C heat coke, cement, slag and hot castings.
② high temperature resistant special tape with high modulus, low shrinkage, tensile strength polyester canvas, plastic cover to choose a good high temperature performance EPDM rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, and with the high-temperature materials for composite forming, curing and other refining processes. Special dipping to deal with stereotypes of the product with a core, high adhesive strength at 180 ℃ below normal conditions of use, small deformation, elongation, abrasion performance. In a short period of time can withstand the high temperature of 250 ℃.
The ③ acid type special tape for the pH value of 4-10 working environment material handling. And acid-base contact with the working environment, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, sea salt production. Cover rubber rubber and plastic blending and filling count alkaline excellent temperament materials, acid and alkali resistance than neoprene acid conveyor better.
Product Specifications:
The company supplies BOPP sealing tape,
Adhesive: acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive water
Substrate: BOPP (polypropylene film)
Thickness :0.048-0 .052 mm
Adhesion (N25mm):> = 6.5
Holding the stick force (H):> 24
Tensile strength (N25mm):> 120
Elongation (%): 120
Temperature (° C): -15 ~ 40
Characteristics: tensile strength, weather resistance, anti-aging
Uses: Used for sealing, fixed, tied and Boxes carton sealing packaging

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