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Adhesive industry in China is in-depth product structure optimization and upgrading

Decade, with China's socio-economic and the improvement of people's living standards, modern industrial building and the development of advanced technology requires a large number of high-performance adhesive support. Has a wide range of Adhesive tape manufactory applications, ease of use, and economic benefits to the the higher advantage adhesive industry, from the spacecraft, the new energy utilization of national strategic areas, to the sophisticated aircraft, automobile and ship, and electrical and electronic industrial manufacturing to building materials, packaging, manufacturing shoes, clothing, and other people living close to the field of production and Bopp adhesive tape processing, are playing an increasingly important role, maintained a vigorous and rapid development momentum of Bopp paking tape the sunrise industry.

China's rare earth isoprene rubber industrial production of new technology breakthroughs

    Application Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences manufacturing technology independent innovation, Shandong rapture Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has recently completed a successful three tons of rare earth isoamyl rubber Adhesive tape products industrial production device "and put to trial on September 13. The production of rare earth isoprene rubber product quality, energy consumption, material consumption, and other key indicators over the level of similar products in Russia, the marks of a large variety of synthetic rubber manufacturing technology research and development capabilities, has been among the highest in the world.

Agricultural technology - sealed packaging design

The seal any packaging is the most fundamental, the most important function, it can ensure that the items damp and isolated from the air. The literal meaning of the word "seal" usually indicates packaging materials and packaging adhesive tape containers between external things simply can not be swapped. In fact, very few absolutely sealed packaging. Almost all packaging, without exception, the sealing device, always depends on the sealing performance and successful packaging validity. Glass bottles have been able to long-term preservation of products that are highly sensitive to humidity, and rely entirely on the glass itself effective sealing performance. If the size of its sealing cap has gone wrong, if casting optional high penetration, low barrier material, glass bottles will lose its sealing function useless. Sealing technology packing tape is the basis of sealed packaging, design the best packaging, Sealing process is not compliance, it will cause the loss of packaging tightness.


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