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Agricultural technology - sealed packaging design

The seal any packaging is the most fundamental, the most important function, it can ensure that the items damp and isolated from the air. The literal meaning of the word "seal" usually indicates packaging materials and packaging adhesive tape containers between external things simply can not be swapped. In fact, very few absolutely sealed packaging. Almost all packaging, without exception, the sealing device, always depends on the sealing performance and successful packaging validity. Glass bottles have been able to long-term preservation of products that are highly sensitive to humidity, and rely entirely on the glass itself effective sealing performance. If the size of its sealing cap has gone wrong, if casting optional high penetration, low barrier material, glass bottles will lose its sealing function useless. Sealing technology packing tape is the basis of sealed packaging, design the best packaging, Sealing process is not compliance, it will cause the loss of packaging tightness.
Sealed also known as closed, the sealing, the packaging container good product, in order to ensure the contents to remain in the container in the transport, storage and sales process, and to avoid contamination of the various sealing process. The packaging sealed methods and materials used and the type of components a lot, such as a sticky cover, heat sealing and custom seals. The sealed package is a more complex technology, in sealed packaging design, the designers have to consider a number of factors.
Convenient to open and use
Convenient function is one of the three major functions of the insulating tape product packaging, and convenient features include production convenient, convenient storage and transportation, convenient display and sales, to facilitate open and to use and easy to handle. Transport packaging to be convenient retailers open, the sales package to facilitate consumers to open and use. Like the the transport packing carton with sewing thread open mouth, carton sealing tape and cans are convenient to open the form. Ease of use is to be clear and concise language or icon, methods and precautions such as using a product to consumers. Often encounter in their daily lives, open food packaging difficulties. Such as metal canned food, there are a lot of similar problems, when opening the packaging may be harmful to human injury, such as pierced, cut your hands. Plastic food bag also has a similar problem, a lot of people in the travel or leisure time, because not carrying around open tools, appear embarrassing situation, such packaging to bring a lot of inconvenience to the consumer. In addition, this is difficult to open the packaging, the health status of the food is also a threat, such as printed materials and food contact composite plastic paper tear lead. The same time, such packaging is difficult to open, once open, the same can not be repeated sealed, resulting in the contamination of food However, with the improvement of the process and materials update, easy to open and easy seal type packaging container with its ease of use and quick development. On one hand, easy to open and easy sealing material such as composite plastic film, aluminum parts instead of the past tinplate; easy opening cans and rotary glass bottles partially replace the last round jars, cans, ziplock, seaming style glass bottles. In addition, to meet the athletes in sports do not have to stop and you can drink, a packaging company in the United States to design and produce a pull cap. The cap design sip to suck Pingzui, caught in a bicycle water bottle clip shelves available to consumers in the cycling drinking. Canada for a long time engaged in meat processing company, developed a new polyester materials, packaging, top thermoforming polyvinylidene chloride co-extruded film sealing, so that consumers can immediately open the package without any difficulty and enjoy the fresh meat food delicious.
Tamper (tamper evident) function
Tamper packaging, also known as the tamper evident packaging, to allow consumers to some extent, from the appearance of the commodity, to identify whether the packaging of goods once people open the packaging. U.S. Food and Drug Administration will tamper evident packaging "is defined as:" Only by opening or destruction of a display or obstructions to get a package of internal products. "There are many around the world Tamper packaging species, including wrapping film, bales, sealed blister (blister) or skin packaging, heat sealing film or the elastic wrapping film, within, the Tamper caps, sealed cardboard boxes, metal cans and composite container. Any packaging manufacturers, the most important thing is to ensure that goods reach the hands of consumers, consumers can identify whether the items are within the packaging has been manipulated to eliminate all security risks. Passive hands and feet due to packaging and have serious consequences for the landmark event occurred in the United States in the 1980s, the Yin Tainuo painkillers (Tylenol) were artificially contaminated with highly toxic cyanide, and result in death of the malignant events. Tamper design more and more attention of many convenience foods and pharmaceutical factories. Although the absolute "tamper-evident packaging do not actually exist, but the manufacturers are to find ways to take effective measures to put an end to the illegal acts of those opportunistic illegal to tamper. One is to increase the complexity of the structure of the packaging itself they usually to let illegal to tamper prohibitive, especially to improve the container port device complexity. The second is to be open after the packaging left a significant mark, consumers are able to identify the goods before you reach your hands has been moving the "hands and feet".
Health and safety of children in food packaging
Basic requirements of food hygiene and food packaging, not only the food before it reaches the consumer to ensure that the food is not external factors, and packaging food consumption is complete (non-disposable), was still able to maintain hygiene, which requires food packaging has repeatedly closed structure.
Either paper or plastic, most of the bag structure in health and safety, there is a common drawback, it is time to seal the whole bag of food consumption once completed, it is very difficult for the most amount of food packaging do. Some food packaging market do a better job seaweed packaging, such as wave power, paperback wave force seaweed can be repeatedly sealed zipper structure plastic bags can be repeatedly opened and closed, the relative health and safety protection. Appropriate definition of child-resistant packaging: equipped with medicines, household cleaners and pesticides packaging of dangerous goods can not be child-resistant, but not interfere with the normal use of the adult. "There are two international standards for child-resistant packaging (ISO). The EN28317 standards enacted in 1985, applies to open reclosable packaging, that is equipped with a large dose container with a lid, you need to repeatedly switch the packaging. The EN862 standard introduced in 1997, applies to single-use packaging, such as a squeeze on the widespread use of tablets blister packaging, packaging, the product will be removed once destroyed. Fully understand the product and to assess its possible impact is crucial, and this effect is not only related to one aspect of the feeding, but also to the skin, eyes and other. The length of time children open products also must be taken into account. Drop of bleach splashed on the faces of the people, the first reaction of the adult quickly with cold water to wash away as much as possible to reduce its damage to the skin and prevent transient skin reddening. The reaction of the children, which means that the same drop of bleach will long remain in the child's face, and cause greater harm for long. So, it should be objective and comprehensive assessment, reasonable sealed packaging to protect the safety of children.
Dose determination of control functions and metering functions
Product packaging design not only provides a legitimate way to get goods, and control functions through the sealed container dose, the use of the product to become more effective and safe, and this is especially important in the pharmaceutical packaging. In addition, the product metering measurement function, by setting the amount of use of the different levels, in order to provide additional functionality to the product only have the function of dose control. Metering containers in the form of numerous self with measuring cups and dry cleaning fluid metering bottle, they simply perform precise measurement capabilities; highly complex metering system, such as respirators and self-injection of insulin, requires the user to carefully use harsh obvious than the former for the latter in the accuracy of the design requirements. For many doses of the control and measurement of measurement systems, the primary consideration in the design is to understand the natural attributes of the product, and to ensure that the contents were in batches of ingredients in every aspect of its performance does not change. At the same time, the sealed container design must also consider the normal changes in the product. If the product is exposed to air and caking, to be considered in the design of anti-condensation device, in order to maintain the status quo ante, to allow consumers to be met in the aesthetic psychological. Before the product does not run out, the container nozzle can be closed, it is possible to effectively seal products, not mutated to ensure its quality, thus avoiding the consumer repeated later. Finally, the determination of the function of the user guide for dose control and measurement of the packaging for a brief summary: First, to the extent possible a simple, convenient and clear; Secondly, the pictograms be regarded as an ideal choice; Furthermore, if the explanation too cumbersome and complex, it should be marked on the sealing device mark to help consumers correct.
The selection of the sealing of packaging material
Economic rationality is the basis for selecting the sealing of packaging materials. During sealing packaging material of choice, not only to take into account the character of the packaging, should also consider the value of the packaging, price, high performance sealing packaging materials should be used for high-end products with high added value products. For affordable products, in addition to considering aesthetics, but also to give more consideration to the economy, they use materials should be equal and opposite reaction. Product for a lower price, at the same time ensure its security, to maintain its protective function, should focus on affordable selection of lower-priced seal packaging material.
Seal choice of packaging materials should fully take into account the circulation conditions, weather conditions. The circulation conditions largely about the choice of packaging materials, flow conditions, including climate, transportation, circulation of objects and circulation cycle. Climatic conditions refers to the sealing of packaging materials should be adapted to the flow region of the temperature, humidity, temperature, etc.. Sealed packaging material choice should depend on the packaging of the expected shelf life, the need to re-close the open as well as the requirements of the product image. The nature of the packaging materials are known, these properties and the data has a significant role in guiding our selection of materials. If a sealed packaging designed to be used repeatedly, then the flexibility of the plastic material becomes very important, particularly for the kind of casting bounce cover and a hinge cover Body particularly prominent. The choice of packaging materials and decoration will also directly affect the image of the product in the market, so we often have to take into account the decorative effects of the material.
Environment is also the designer had to consider another important factor in the meet product requirements, possible use of the material does not produce environmental pollution, easy to deal with packaging waste.
The sealed packaging technology use almost all product packaging plays an important role in the packaging of goods, such as anti-oxygen packaging, vacuum packaging and so can not be separated from the sealed packaging technology, but must be sealed packaging. For this reason, sealed packaging design considerations for research and analysis is very necessary.

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