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You my hand to do the garbage classification jointly involved in the build clean their homes

Stroll Baoan, careful people can easily find the area of bag sealing tape ​​urban management department has been in full swing for the publicity of garbage classification: entrepreneurs Road and Tai Po Road Interchange and Xin'an Road, Bao'an Avenue, had been erected, the garbage Adhesive tape factory classification propaganda column ad ; 230 group classification of garbage bins were placed at forward, entrepreneurship, and Chien sections; and Qianjin Road bus station, post advertising the garbage classification publicity more than 60.
    On the other hand, in a China adhesive tape series of reports on a "garbage classification knowledge-quiz", the staff of the Sanitation Department's District Urban Management Bureau to the public four classifications of garbage. Well, for different types of garbage collection method is it? Current topics, sanitation department staff will give you 11 described in detail.
    Garbage four categories and Full Participation
    Kitchen waste classification
    The kitchen waste organic perishable garbage generated by the family, including the food trade, food production process waste and residual waste, such as rice, pasta, expired food, meat, fish and shrimp (may contain shell) class, crab shells, shell bones, vegetables, fruits, leather, nuclear, bagasse, tea leaves, durian shells, coconut shells, family potted the discarded branches (leaves).
    Collection methods: Please kitchen waste water drain, then put in a kitchen waste collection containers. Plastic bags, plastic rope, disposable chopsticks, toilet paper, etc. Do not put kitchen waste recycling bins.
    Kitchen waste perishable smelly substances, often causing smelly garbage, sewage overflowing, the main reason for the breeding of mosquitoes; kitchen waste mixed with general garbage, garbage mechanical separation and manual sorting are difficulties; If landfill disposal, kitchen waste the swill will pollute groundwater.
    Recyclables garbage
    Recyclables include the following garbage uncontaminated waste suitable for recycling recycling and resource utilization.
    The wastepaper class including newspapers, cardboard boxes, books, magazines, kits, flyers advertising paper, office paper, washed milk cartons, Tetra Pak, washed beverage cartons, paper cups, calendars, etc..
    Collection methods: Please remove the plastic cover, tape, coil and staples and other non-paper items, try to flatten loaded into a box or packaged into a bundle, and then sent to the designated recycle bin or put to a separate collection container. Paper Recycling can not only save a lot of plant fiber raw materials, energy, and reduce costs, but also to protect the environment, is an important part of the paper industry implementation of circular economy.
    Waste plastic, including plastic bottles: beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, liquid detergent, shampoo, conditioner, bath gel bottles and cans, plastic drums, plastic pots; Plastic Box: crisper, biscuit boxes of plastic film boxes, disk cartridges; Foam: lunch boxes, instant noodles bowl, wash the yogurt bottle, toothbrush, slippers, plastic toys.
    Collection methods: Please empty the container residue, water slightly cleaned, packaged into a bag, and then sent to the the the designated recycle bin or placed in a separate collection container.
    Class behind bars scrap metal, iron, iron rods, cages, metal box, iron railings, iron pencil box, iron door, iron frame, iron bars, iron hook, iron, iron bars, iron bell, iron, iron , steel cables, wire, thumbtacks, nails, iron bowl, iron chains, iron, iron cup, iron pots, hammer head, kitchen knife blade, umbrella skeleton, iron biscuit boxes, reinforced iron supplies; the aluminum scrap categories: aluminum pan, aluminum cone, aluminum windows and doors frame, aluminum alloy rims, aluminum supplies; foil packaging waste fill Prepared Foods: containing condiments, cosmetics (no make-up class), beverages, cleaning agents, wine (including medicinal wine), vinegar, packaged drinking water, prepared edible fats, dairy products, such as aluminum foil package; other metal: coated copper wire, stainless steel products, metal stapler, metal basket, metal spoon, fork, keys, locks, metal hanger, copper, stainless steel gas stove, rims.
Please empty the container residue collection methods: recycling scrap metal container class garbage, slightly cleaned with water, as much as possible flattening; scrap metal products category, please try collocated neat, safe, and then sent to the designated recycle bin or put separate collection container.
    Cullet class includes filling the modulation food (including condiments), cosmetics (no make-up class), drinks, detergents, wine (including Yaojiu), vinegar, packaged drinking water, prepared edible fats, dairy products, glass bottles ( cans), glass plate, glass, glass bowl.
    Collection methods: Please remove the caps, straws, empty the contents, wash and drain, the package sent to the the designated recycle bin or into a separate collection container.
    The waste fabric category includes clothes (shirt, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, suits), school bags, tablecloths, curtains, cloth dolls, towels, bath towels, bag, cloth, bed sheets and other linen.
    Collection methods: Please unbroken old clothes folded, bundled with other discarded fabric with sent to the designated recycle bin or put in a separate collection container. The general practice of the old clothes, old clothes placed in the clothing bins or showed relatives and friends to wear, broken used when not wear rags or throw away. In fact, the old clothes a new life in a different style remodeling. Clothing to wear for a long time to throw away the inevitable Unfortunately, the old clothes recycling system is a good practice, usually useless to rags, old clothes, add a little clever mind can become cute and practical works, such as handbags, bags, puppets, pencil case ... creation can try to look at.
    Tires and other organic waste class
    Waste tires scrap car, scrap locomotive and waste bicycle tire; organic waste: steam locomotives, lubricants, industrial the Styrofoam (appliances liner, crash pads, cake base); various types of ball games, film, asbestos tiles, wooden toys, wooden items, whiteboard, the rubber goods (except waste tires), CD piece, VCD-chip DVD-chip phone cards, all kinds of pens, eraser.
    Collection methods: Please waste tire inner tubes and rim separation, and then handed over to the tire line, turbine riding car dealers or warranty factory recovery, can also be recovered by the clean car. According to statistics, China's annual only tire scrap more than 1.5 million tons, and the growth rate of 10% annually. Most of these tires can not get the comprehensive utilization of industrial garbage. For a long time, the most widely used method for processing waste rubber and waste tire manufacturing recycled rubber and high energy-consuming, labor intensive, low efficiency and serious pollution problems, but this approach.
    Used furniture, appliances class
    Discarded furniture: discarded sofas, beds, tables, chairs, etc.; waste household appliances: general waste home appliances, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and heating machines, copiers, range hoods; stereo, electric thermos, cooker, dewatering machine , rice cookers, water dispensers, microwave ovens, dryers, hair dryers, ovens, electric fans, heaters, Xiaoduwangui, coffee machines and other discarded household appliances; computer monitor (screen), hard disk drives, power , chassis and printer abandoned appliances class.
    Collection methods: please their own without the bulky waste sent to the designated recycle bin or into a separate collection container can also take advantage of the flea market or replacement appliances shopping malls TM activities.
    Classification of hazardous waste
    Hazardous waste on human health or the natural environment caused directly or potentially harmful substances. Including pharmaceutical products and their packaging waste generated in the family daily life, waste pesticides and disinfectants and their packaging waste paint and solvents and their packaging waste mineral oil (waste cosmetics, etc.) and its packaging, waste film like paper and waste, waste fluorescent tubes, waste thermometer, waste sphygmomanometer, waste rechargeable batteries, waste buttoned battery waste nickel-cadmium batteries and mercuric oxide batteries, as well as the risk of electronic waste.
Collection methods: hazardous waste should be collected separately special treatment, do not be thrown away. For the health and safety of themselves and others, please hazardous waste delivery to dedicated hazardous waste containers, easy professional and recycling.
    Other garbage classification
    Other garbage is recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, hazardous waste outside of garbage, including households living in abandoned women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, Wei toilet garbage, used cotton swabs, cotton balls, napkins , cigarette butts, pet waste, broken tiles, glass, etc.
    Collection methods: all the other rubbish discarded into the gray trash, not to be thrown away, so that professional recycling.

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