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China's rare earth isoprene rubber industrial production of new technology breakthroughs

    Application Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences manufacturing technology independent innovation, Shandong rapture Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has recently completed a successful three tons of rare earth isoamyl rubber Adhesive tape products industrial production device "and put to trial on September 13. The production of rare earth isoprene rubber product quality, energy consumption, material consumption, and other key indicators over the level of similar products in Russia, the marks of a large variety of synthetic rubber manufacturing technology research and development capabilities, has been among the highest in the world.
    Its structure closest to the natural rubber, isoprene rubber, also known as "synthetic natural rubber the only alternative varieties Special adhesive tape of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, tires, belts, hoses and other Adhesive tape manufactory rubber products can be widely used. For this reason, accelerate the realization of isoprene rubber "Chinese design" and "Made in China" for solving China's natural rubber resources shortage, a much higher profile in the field of international core competitiveness of great strategic significance.
    Changchun Institute of the unit, one of the earliest to carry out research and development of synthetic rubber, has a strong accumulation of scientific research and technology, human resources and other advantages. Over the years, they are actively working with PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical, Dushanzi Petrochemical and Jilin Petrochemical Cooperation, in the rare earth catalytic synthetic rubber production technology has made a series of important progress.
    To accelerate the rare earth isoprene rubber scale industrialization, in March 2011, the Shandong rapture Petrochemical Ltd, a high starting point, high target to carry 30,000 tons of rare earth isoprene rubber industrial production, the development of new technology ". After more than a year of hard struggle, the high activity and high cis-directional, low-cost, weight and its distribution controlled rare earth catalytic system developed, pioneering advanced polymerization, condensation and post-processing engineering technology, formed with China independent intellectual property rights of the rare earth isoamyl rubber industrialized manufacturing technology, and put to trial on the once-ton production device success, creating a ton in China isoamyl rubber plant shortest construction period, time commissioning a successful precedent.
    The rare earth iso amyl rubber production line manufacturing technology independent research and development, single-line production can the largest energy consumption and material consumption minimum, energy saving and environmental protection advanced and other characteristics, of synthetic rubber, new plastic species, new technologies, new grades of R & D, etc. have an important leadership and exemplary role.
    According to reports, the rapture Sinopec intends to use about three years time to achieve 10 million tons / year of rare earth isoprene rubber production capacity, continue to make greater contribution to the innovation and development of the synthetic rubber industry in China.

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