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Adhesive industry in China is in-depth product structure optimization and upgrading

Decade, with China's socio-economic and the improvement of people's living standards, modern industrial building and the development of advanced technology requires a large number of high-performance adhesive support. Has a wide range of Adhesive tape manufactory applications, ease of use, and economic benefits to the the higher advantage adhesive industry, from the spacecraft, the new energy utilization of national strategic areas, to the sophisticated aircraft, automobile and ship, and electrical and electronic industrial manufacturing to building materials, packaging, manufacturing shoes, clothing, and other people living close to the field of production and Bopp adhesive tape processing, are playing an increasingly important role, maintained a vigorous and rapid development momentum of Bopp paking tape the sunrise industry.
    The latest statistics from China adhesives and adhesive tape Industry Association show that the adhesive industry in China over the past decade to maintain the average growth rate of 12.6%, significantly higher than the GDP growth rate. Ten years ago, the adhesive total production and sales (excluding formaldehyde glue) were 178 million tons and 145 million, is now up to 5.16 million tons and 66.9 billion yuan.
    Domestic adhesives and sealants are not only able to basically meet the domestic market demand, but also exported to foreign countries. Ten years ago, China's imports adhesive products of 161,600 tons and 191,100 tons, now; exports soared from 60,200 tons to 356,200 tons, with an average annual growth rate as high as 21.8%.
    Rapid growth in production, sales, adhesive varieties also a substantial increase in product quality and continuously improve the quality, new products, new technologies are emerging. Ten years ago, the domestic production of adhesives, mostly restricted to the three-formaldehyde glue the homopolymerization white latex, neoprene, and 502 cyanoacrylate traditional general-purpose products, adhesive grades only more than a thousand kinds of varieties, the small scale of production, low yields and a single species, environmental requirements. Today, the development and innovation of new products, new technology, new equipment has made great progress, not only to the traditional general-purpose products through copolymerization, grafting and crosslinking methods to improve and improve performance, reduce or eliminate the content of harmful substances has also developed a number of high-tech energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products, and most of them have realized industrialization. Water-based and solvent-free polyurethane structural adhesive and sealant, polyurethane adhesives, water-based neoprene adhesives, and a new type of hot melt adhesives and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone sealants and adhesives, modified acrylate adhesive, anaerobic adhesive is tantamount cyanate , modified epoxy glue, etc., are all over the past decade have developed and rapid development of new products. In the field of specialty pressure sensitive adhesive products, low energy surface adhesion, high temperature and other new product development has been a success, achieved a breakthrough in medical tape, electronic tape, smart labels, electronic labels development and production.
    Adhesive production and coating technology has made great progress, and have played an important role in radiation, UV curing method and interpenetrating network method and the new production process, improve product quality and quality, to improve the performance of the adhesive. Polymerization reactor to large-scale, continuous, automated direction polymerizer volume expanded from a few cubic meters to more than a dozen cubic meters to 30 to 36 cubic meters, and a semi-continuous or continuous production, computer Control. Own design and manufacture of pressure-sensitive and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive coating machine and cutting machine has reached world-class levels up to 1.3 to 2 meters, width, coating speeds of up to 280 m / min. In addition, static elimination device technology, EPC tension controlled device, high-sensitivity sensor, FM speed control system, automatic control technology has developed, and has been put into production. With China's rapid economic development and scientific and technological progress, the adhesive industry will continue to the emergence of new products, new technology and new equipment, in their own development but will also promote the development of related industries.
    At the same time, a large number of research institutes and production enterprises to bring the rapid growth of technology and management innovations, leading the industry toward higher update. Petrochemical Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, Beijing Tianshan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinguang Chemical Co., Ltd., China's Shenzhou, Temple heaven to overcome adhesive difficulties was recognized. Hubei back to the natural rubber industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kangda Chemical New Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Tianshan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and production of high-performance polyurethane glue, epoxy glue and silicone in high-speed rail, wind power and solar energy Device manufacturing of building successful applications, the market is very promising.
Guangdong Orient Resin Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Gu Kang Li Chemical Co., Ltd. introduced water-based neoprene and achieved good results on the application in furniture, toys, crafts and other export products to enhance the competitive strength of the Chinese products.
    Adhesive industry in China is in-depth product structure optimization and upgrading, intensify research and development of new products, new technology and new equipment, continued to improve and perfect quality assurance system to push the energy saving and environmental protection, and focus on the implementation of brand building, to meet the party's eighteen major victory convened.

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