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Industrial washing machine equipment constructed and installed Note

Industrial washing machine equipment structure
    1, industrial washing equipment control Electrical insulating tape systems, computer panels, computer chips, software, and a variety of sensors.
    Industrial washing machine equipment barrel, stainless steel plates welded together for bloom washed with water, and the water inlet pipe and drain valve is turned on.
    , Industrial washing equipment drum, drum used in all made of high-quality stainless steel Electrical tape plate, the cylinder wall equipped with overflow hole and dump tendons.
    4, industrial washing machine Pvc insulating tape the device transmission mechanism, the transmission mechanism by the inverter, variable frequency motor, pulley, triangular tape and bearing.
    5 industrial washing equipment shock absorbers institutions, shock compression spring, rod, hook and bearing fixed damper to reduce vibration swing amplitude.
    6, industrial washing equipment door body with stainless steel door equipped with a rubber seal, seal with the barrel work, the door lock to open or close the door, the lock built linkage switch, to ensure that the machine is in operation the doors will not be open to ensure the safety of the operator.
    7, industrial washing equipment water inlet pipe into the water on the road equipped with a solenoid valve.
    8, industrial washing equipment drain valve, the drain valve is opened and closed controlled by solenoid valves.
    9, industrial washing equipment heater, this machine has two kinds of heating methods, a steam heating for electric heating.
Industrial washing equipment installation uses points to note:
    1, industrial washing equipment should pay attention to the ground to protect electrical insulation and in strict accordance with the requirements of connection. Is the use of 2-phase power users must be grounded.
    2, industrial washing equipment to be placed steady and solid, rattle or vibration can cause the machine work, damage mechanical life, increased noise.
    , Washing machine or location should be well ventilated and avoid sunlight moisture disseminated reduce wet 4 Variable moisture corrosion protection of electrical insulation properties and metal parts less.
    4, industrial washing machine equipment as far as possible away from the water, power, sewage pipes nearer, to avoid power lead, under the water for too long interfere with the operation. And wire prolonged water immersion jacket insulation easily damaged.
    , Industrial washing equipment Sheng Yi basin should be stacked orderly, not on the upper part of the case, to bring damage to part of the control panel parts.

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