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Simple electrical engineering

www.tpadhesivetape.comYou do not have to be a professional expert, replacement Bopp jumbo rolls of lights, but many owners are still afraid to solve simple electrical engineering - which is correct. If not handled properly, the electricity caused by electric shock and fire hazards. However, like lamps replacement work is easy and safe, if you follow some simple rules.
Basic Electrical Principles
The basic principles of the Electrical insulating tape wiring in your home is simple. The following is the basic information, from every homeowners can benefit from:
Contemporary wiring individual wires sheathed cable running. And "three-wire and ground the" cable with ground two lines "available. Black lines, white lines and the insulation of the ground in two with ground cable lines. Grounding line of the three line black line, white line, red line and the insulation Electrical tape of the ground. old house tube knob and wiring two wire With this system, individual wire insulation treatment with white or black fabric.
Regardless of the type of wiring in your home, usually the neutral line of the white line, black line is the "hot" and bare copper wire, ground wire. The white line is sometimes used as a hotline, because some of the wiring installation requirements. In this case, the white line should be coded black paint or electrical tape. Note, however, that this is who did the wiring may not be coded wires. If a red line is there, it should be hot.
Wired switch at the end of the year or in the circuit. If only a single cable into a box (or a group of black and white line), clamp in the circuit end. This is usually, but not always, a ceiling fixture. Two cable input box (or two sets of black and white wires in the old "knob and tube" device), the fixture is in the circuit. The third line (or black-and-white line setting), may also enter the fixture, depending on the installation. The fixture is placed in the circuit wired how it affects.
Black, or hot wires, sockets and switches, brass screw terminal connections. The neutral wire is connected to the silver pier. The ground should not be ignored. They should be connected to each other, the grounding screw terminal socket (painted green), and metal electrical box ground screw, use a metal box.
The pigtail lead short wires connected to the terminal in the socket or switch. Then use the plastic wire connector connected to home wiring leads. Regulatory requirements in some areas, the braids can be used for all standard socket connection. Always use more than one line, you must be connected to a terminal braids.
If your house has aluminum wiring?
This is very easy to say, if your house has aluminum wiring - insulated metal under almost white, rather than copper-colored. Aluminum and copper conductors should be connected to wire connectors, rated specifically for this purpose. Otherwise, copper, and aluminum react with each other may cause a loose connection, and the danger of fire.

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