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4:00 should pay attention to consumers on how to identify the quality of the lamps

www.tpadhesivetape.comAs a consumer, you have to spend the effort, paid the money to finally buy their favorite lamps, excitedly, harbor ill at ease, I buy the lamps in the end how it quality?
    Your concern is justified, the lighting Printing adhesive tape industry, is a bit mixed, good Stationary tape and bad; Therefore, you have the ability to identify! I have many years engaged in the inspection of foreign trade fixtures, make a few suggestions to you here, and I hope for your help.
    A custody good shopping vouchers:
    General lamps have a certain amount Bopp jumbo rolls of after-sales service guarantee, custody good shopping vouchers, a prerequisite for you to enjoy the rights and interests of consumers, it is very important. In addition, some lamps have a part of one of the important reasons to consumable parts to replace or update, you need to take good care of shopping vouchers.
    If purchased online, free shopping vouchers, at least save you with the owner chats.
    Second, pay attention to the structural safety:
    The structural safety lamps Generally speaking, consumers' concerns on the following two aspects: (1) parts appear deficient? (2) the entire part of the lamp or lamps will not fall? We recommend that you do the following:
    1, the entire lamp assembly is required:
    If you are on-site shopping, general, you can ask the attendant to your entire lamp assembly (If the lighting is not very simple structure), if it is to shop online, it is recommended that you receive the goods after the first piece of work is the entire lamp assembly. Its benefits are as follows:
    A, you can observe the true appearance of the whole lamp, and match the aesthetic requirements?
    B, you can find the whole lamp parts is defective, and whether there is any shortage?
    2, pay attention to the load-bearing and load:
    If you buy the chandeliers, ceiling or wall lamp type, you should pay attention to the security issues of the load-bearing and load:
    A state regulations, the lamp itself, the load-bearing must meet one hour four times the weight of the lamps.
    For example, lighting weight 5KG, you can another 15KG weights hanging in the packed fixture removed after one hour, the lamps must not fall, and there are no security risks fall (such as deformation, loose ). With this knowledge, you see the goods can be estimated, of course, how the suspect can also carry out a simple test.
    B, If you buy a ceiling lamp, you can also look at the height ratio of the height of the ceiling plate screws, in order to ensure that the lamps safely installed.
    (If the length of the screw equal than the height of the ceiling plate short appears not installed).
    3, the safety of other accessories:
    The whole lamp is installed, you can take the entire lamp, gently rocking around, when you re-observe the condition of other parts of the lamps, and whether there will be loose, no fixed phenomenon exists may fall.
    If lamps exists certain structural safety hazards, whether you can according to their severity and then decide whether to buy or purchase a return.
    Third, pay attention to electrical safety:
    About the lighting electrical safety, professional inspection department specialized testing tools and methods, but more distant from us, here only some common sense and simple method.
    1, the wire:
    A, the thickness of the wire: in square millimeters, consumers can look online logo unmarked ask the merchant.
    B, the thickness of the wire with the current intensity: Generally 1 mm2 of the wires can carry the intensity of the current of 5 amps.
    C, the current strength: I = P / U; example, 60W lamps, 220V voltage, current = 60/220 = 0.28A;
    General lighting wire 0.5/0.75 mm2 wire lamps, floor lamps 1 mm2 wires, and the outer rubber sleeve; all wires to mark GB/T5013-1997, or GB/T5013-/2008 is better.
    2 Base:
Generally speaking, a lamp is lit, the relevant parts of the lamps will issue a greater heat, causing its temperature to rise. Ordinary lamps, we generally require their lamp can withstand temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius, high-heat lamps for incandescent lamp can withstand a temperature of 120-150 degrees Celsius.
    If it is a plastic lamp, generally require the use of PBT material, If you do not worry, you can test: placed removed after 1 hour observation in a microwave oven set temperature.
    3, switch:
    The switch requirements cut the line of fire of the lamps and, if the fuse should be connected to the firing line.
    4, grounding:
    Lamps generally require a grounding device, the general use of the yellow-green line. Grounding device some type lamps in domestic sales has been prohibited in China since January 1, 2009.
    Fourth, the appearance and details:
    1, the overall feeling:
    A, the harmony of the whole, with or without tilt, asymmetry, color, texture and different anomalies;
    B, your other senses, whether wrong place? Your intuitive feel very important and also very accurate.
    2, related to the process of feeling:
    A Plating: with or without color; 2 plating fastness (generally available tape test method); 3 corrosion resistance (generally have saltwater corrosion); 4 material (nicks, burrs, etc.);
B, drawing: 1 color; 2 direction consistency; 3 uniformity;
    C, spray paint: 1 color; uniformity; blistering;
    3 parts:
    A shape of the same parts, the size is basically the same?
    B, material flawless, whether it will affect the function and use of the lamps?

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