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Shanghai spot checks adhesives three levels of formaldehyde

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has Adhesive tape products informed the 2011 Shanghai adhesive product quality supervision and inspection results, eight batches of product failure are "Shanghai", 3 batches detected excessive levels of free formaldehyde, quality The problem is serious.

    The testing of the samples 35 batches, inspection, unqualified 8 batch, the 5 batches product unqualified bond strength. The project is critical physical performance adhesive products, the greater the bond strength, the higher the paste fastness. The failed bond strength, could easily lead to loose or fall off, losing adhesive role of decorative materials such as wall and floor tiles and wallpaper.

    Three batches of Bopp adhesive tape product quality problems are serious. Spot checks found that nominal the strong benefits Plastics Co., Ltd. production of water-soluble PVA building adhesive (low aldehyde 20110901) nominal Pudong, Shanghai Double Happiness paint factory production "hi hi" water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol construction adhesives (low aldehyde the 801 glue 20,110,830), the nominal Shanghai Hong Yun binder factory production of polyvinyl acetate emulsion wood adhesive (summer with 20,110,906) detection of free formaldehyde project failed. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, a strong stimulus to the eyes and upper respiratory tract. National standards for free formaldehyde is not greater than 1.0g/kg.

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