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Autumn and winter days adhesive (glue) Note

 to the advent of the autumn and winter, the weather starts to cool, dry, plastic use my factory 828 paper, 822,802 polished gluing paper and plastic products, polishing, varnishing printing products,China adhesive tape proposed to strengthen the bonding Edge sealing handmade package box process management.

1, to shorten the gumming Sticker time between the aggregate. (Example the usual printed products gluing two meters long, about one meter should be painted in autumn and winter, careful not to surface of the adhesive layer and other printed materials glue to dry before lamination, we must ensure full infiltration of the adhesive bonding surface , avoid open plastic).

Increase the pressure Heli, adhesive and extend the time of lamination or forced back and forth Stationary tape factory wipe with a soft cloth to avoid opening or blistering.

3, due to the rapid development of the paper coatings in recent years, the coating formulation is varied and, a plasticizer in the coating, slip agent, waterproof agent additives migration. Cause the adhesive strength of the decline in the system box, or even destroy the adhesive layer, it is generally too bright plastic, the dumb plastic print 828,321 PP plastic, polished, whiteboard, copper surface 822,802 Type adhesives.

4, for stiffness larger products, in order to let the two be full contact with the sticky surface to put pressure on the half-hour, to avoid adhesive products automatically bounce.

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