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The adhesive is an essential part of daily life

The adhesive is an essential part of daily life, currently on the market, most of the adhesives containing free formaldehyde, it is difficult to meet the environmental needs. Therefore, the green adhesive is the Stationary tape future direction of development.

Starch as a renewable natural green material, has a wide variety of sources, adequate production, inexpensive, non-toxic and pollution-free, good adhesion and film advantages, but its inherent low initial tack, slow drying rate, film-forming substances more brittle, the adhesive strength is weak, the low solids content, poor water resistance (the hydroxyl group of a large number of hydrophilic groups contained in Pvc insulating tape the main chain of the starch molecule, it is easy in combination with the water molecules, thereby significantly reducing the bonding strength), stability and fluidity. poor (starch adhesives long home will produce the the retrogradation phenomenon, this is due to the formation of hydrogen bonds between starch molecules, and the re-formation of the ceramic beam, so the viscosity due to the increase) and other shortcomings [1] to limit the scope of its application. In recent years, modified starch adhesives, the composite starch adhesives has become the field of one of the important topics.

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