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Polyurethane adhesives

  By an NCO group of the polyisocyanate cool and the polyester polyol, polyether polyol-OH obtained by the reaction of polymer polyurethane adhesive.

    Similar reaction of an NCO with an OH number of moles. The molecular weight of the obtained polymer polyurethane tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. This adhesive generally solvent-based or water emulsion-dispersed.

    Vinegar resin with other resins (such as epoxy resin), modified Bopp jumbo rolls urethane obtained modified polyurethane adhesives.

    This adhesive combination of the excellent characteristics of the two kinds of resin.

    Polyurethane adhesive Electrical tape according to the number of components that are divided into single-component polyurethane cool adhesive and two-component polyurethane cool adhesive. Cool one-component polyurethane adhesive easy to use, open the package can be used. The two-component polyurethane cool adhesive must first two components mix well before using.

    Multi the different atmosphere Suancu plastic twist agent can be used alone or mixed use and rubber.

    Commonly used polyisocyanates vinegar TDI, MDI, XDI, triphenylmethane triisocyanate cool (TTI), the PAPI, phosphorothioate triphenyl triisocyanate cool, dimethyl.

    The triphenylmethane tetraisocyanate the vinegar, HDI biuret pulse alkoxy triple methyl propane and adduct of TDI, HDI and TDI poly body.

    Reaction prepolymer adhesive by the excess polyisocyanate vinegar and polyfunctional active hydrogen compound.

    This prepolymer containing excess reactive NCO groups. Crosslinking agent may be added to improve the strength of this adhesive with polyols and amines as crosslinking agents can be prepared by cross-linked polyurethane adhesive.

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