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Tape bundles of vegetables convenient safety

Supermarket common plastic tape strapping vegetables, the reporter found that this bundled plastic tape vegetables is likely to cause harmful residues, if the long-term intake will cause harm to humans. Bundle with plastic tape vegetables, the Supermarket think this approach is simple and convenient. Little do they know, compared to, as big as a day of food security is the most important.
In recent years, with all levels of government and the people more and more attention to food hygiene and safety, green food, organic vegetables, supermarkets and farmers direct docking measures so that the people's "food basket" has become increasingly diverse, "Do not worry food, "is also getting better and better. But the convenience measures implemented by some supermarkets, but prior research is not enough, think deeply, relevant business units has not kept up guidance, resulting in some measures produce bad results, Adhesive tape products brought various aspects adversely affected. Tape tied vegetables is one such example.
Bundles of vegetables with a plastic tape the convenient supermarket Another reason is the to prevent masses Abstract leaves. Supermarket to take some measures in order to protect their own reasonable income, is understandable. But now, after the inspection of the relevant departments, tied vegetables tape residue is toxic, harmful to the body of the people, they should reject the use of this cheap and no security tape, Harbin and other cities, has been issued by the government departments notice, prohibit the use of tape bundled vegetables.

Ultimately, the problem of tape bundled vegetables is a cost problem, supermarkets the supermarket costs algorithms, people have the cost of the people, algorithm, the community social cost algorithm,Bopp adhesive factory but this the supermarket cost savings and the implementation of the practice, the damage to the people body, increased social costs ultimately are bound to increase the cost of the supermarket. In fact, the supermarkets to prevent Grilled leaves the behavior, the use of environmentally-friendly piece of paper can tied dishes, or to persuade the masses do not Grilled lettuce, posted announcement, these can all be explored.
Is also forbidden to use the tape bundled vegetable supermarket requires not only safeguard the people's food security awareness, consciously or might endanger the food safety of the masses, to ensure that the problem does not occur on its own link. At the same time, the food regulatory authorities should strengthen supervision and tape tied vegetables matter, but masses of food safety, such as days. The only regulation in place every aspect of food production, sales, and promotion of the promotion, the ban prohibits, in order to guarantee the safety of the people on the tongue.
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