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The transparent plastic banknotes glue to the bank exchange

 affixed to the tape notes traders why Declined? "Yesterday morning, Mr. Lin, who lives in Pingtan the Chengguan world city call our hotline for help, said one hundred dollar bill he received recently business hindsight the Adhesive tape manufactory hundred dollar bill is broken into two parts to be transparent tape pasted from the middle, he asked affixed with tape of whether circulation banknotes in the market? encountered a similar situation to the public how to do?

The banknote is not crippled, why not an adhesive plaster after the business received it? View of this situation, the reporter consulted the the Fujian Straits Bank Pingtan branch vice Pvc insulating tape governor Wu Long. He said that according to the relevant regulations of the People's Republic of China RMB Ordinance citizens a clean and complete responsibility and obligation of protection RMB the businesses received defective RMB, such as missing angle, ink, and so the right to reject.

At the same time, he added, banks also have the Exchange breakage Canbi responsibility and obligations. If people accidentally the renminbi damage or receive transparent tape and paste notes, it is best not to rush paste patch should be directed to banks operating window holding a broken RMB exchange.

Miss Long said, if people took the notes of the defect to the bank to cash, the bank will be based on different impairments given exchange corresponding to the denomination. The defect can be exchanged for a quarter or less denomination in full, half or one-third of defects can only be redeemed denomination full of half.
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