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Viscose staple fiber prices recent rebound

since March of this year, viscose staple goods to go start blocked, quoted in the 28,500 yuan / ton level deadlocked for a long time, the market price from the original firm gradually loosening, payment has also taken packing tape on a monthly basis, the first pricing after delivery. Viscose staple fiber prices fell from a high of 28,500 yuan / ton to 23000-23500 yuan / ton. The amplitude of this wave of market decline is worse than the market in November-December last year, and this round of decline in value of the time that should have 3-4 months of the season.

    Prices fell all the way, once the collapse of market confidence, but with the Fujian and other places single transaction, together with measures to cut production of viscose staple fiber manufacturers, the market price at the bottom and gradually formed, followed by some manufacturers began to pull up a quote exploratory, manufacturers cancel the pre-monthly, change the quote or a single talk to a clear-cut, the market stabilized stabilize.insulating tape Thus, market participants have come to expect a rebound after bottoming, but the rebound is how much remains to be seen.

    First of all, from the larger environment, for further contraction ample liquidity of the banking system, the central bank this year raised four times the deposit reserve ratio; raise interest rates twice during the year. Although aimed at curbing inflation, but market funds face increasingly tightening environment, the market is trading very few chips, which also is not conducive to market the sale of goods circulation.
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